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TutuApp VIP is another and very popular version of  TutuApp Regular. In TutuApp Regular we have its limitations. TutuApp also contains many more features. But we do not find those Extra features in TutuApp Regular. In the VIP version, we get many more new Games and Apps with their Premium versions. I want to tell you that there is a very huge Difference Between TutuApp VIP and TutuApp Regular.tutuapp vip download

Let’s assume if you like a Game or App very much and you want it or it’s Premium version in TutuApp then you can not Add that App or Game in TutuApp. But if you have a VIP version then you have access to Add any Game or any App with their Premium version in TutuApp it is a very interesting feature of the VIP version. You will face no Ads in the VIP version.

If we talk about the Interface of this App it is similar to the Regular version and looks like Playstore or Appstore which easy to use and Beneficial for you. With this version, you will face no difficulty anytime. With the VIP version, you have no Risk of Deactivating App But the Regular version may be Deactivated at any Time. The is as lighter as TutuApp Regular. So don’t worry about Storage. By chance TutuApp Regular version Deactivates then All the Previous Apps and Games which you have installed on your device may not work with deactivating the Regular Version. It may be a Big Risk for you.

On the other hand, if TutuApp VIP deactivates then All the previously installed Apps and Games will still work fine. Normally, many times you may face some Errors as Internet-related Problems or any other Bugs with TutuApp Regular. But from the VIP version, you will not get disappointed because it does not contain any Internet-related Default as well as App related and the Developers give its Update from time to time and it also contains All Updated Games and Apps. That’s why the VIP version is better than the Regular. This version is available for the iOS Platform and Unfortunately, They have not yet offered VIP service on the Android TutuApp and we can say the VIP and Normal users Both experience the same.

Now, If you are fascinated by TutuApp VIP features and if you are going to download it for free then Please try to understand the VIP version is not free. If you want to download it then you will have to pay for it. You have to pay 12.99$ for it for a Year with a 10% Discount. It is a Premium Application because it contains lots more features that we can not see in TutuApp Regular. So TutuApp VIP has various many types of Different features comparing the Regular version. If you want to download it then you can go to the official website of TutuApp from there you can easily Purchase and Download TutuApp VIP.

TutuApp VIP Best features:

tutuapp vip features

TutuApp VIP comes with lots of features. It contains Exclusive Games and Apps and also has many Premium Games and Applications with plus-plus version. The Best feature of the VIP version is you can request to add any Applications or Games which you want to the App. This feature does not come with TutuApp Regular. You have also no Risk of Disabling the App. The 2021 updated version of TutuApp VIP v4.0.3, has lots of new features that will surely attract you towards this latest update of TutuApp.

The VIP version comes with no Bug or any Error every time it will work very fine with your Device. But Unfortunately VIP versions get Disable then All the Previous Games and Apps which you have been Download on your Device will work without and Problem with Disabling the App. Some More information about TutuApp VIP and TutuApp Regular are Given Below.

Difference between TutuApp Regular and VIP version:

tutuapp vip vs tutuapp regular

TypeTutuApp VIPTutuApp Regular
AppsMore(Modified, Cracked)Less
GamesMore (Modified, Cracked)Less
Older AppsPrevious Apps will work. Previous app may not work.
UsersYou can request to submit any new Apps and GamesYou can not request.

Use VIP Privileges in TutuApp Updated version. If you already have the Previous TutuApp VIP version:

If you have the Previous TutuApp VIP version and want to use VIP Privileges in any TutuApp Updated version. Then You will have to follow some instructions to link VIP membership with your Account as Below. All the simple Steps to link VIP membership with your Account are listed below.

  • First, Log in to your TutuApp Updated version and if you have no account then you can Sing up for it.
  • Now, Open your TutuApp Profile and you can easily find your UID.
  • On the same page, you Tap on VIP options and then click on ‘Have you Purchased the TutuApp VIP version’.

tutuapp vip

  • Now a pop up will show you a message for Checking your UDID. Simply Tap on Allow.

tutuapp vip ios

  • A pop up will come out again saying “This Profile is trying to open Setting to Show you a Configuration Profile”. Now again Tap on Allow.

tutuapp vip android

  • On the next page, you will have to fill in your UID.


tutuapp vip download free

  • When you will fill in all the Detail then a message will on your screen as shown in the screenshot. Click on OK.

tutuapp vip download for android

  • Now, Your Updated TutuApp is totally linked to VIP membership and you can enjoy every feature of VIP membership on your Device.
  • You can also see a Crown in your TutuApp’s Profile that’s mean you are a VIP member.