Five things to know about YouTube Shorts

It’s a trend to make lip-syncing videos nowadays, everyone is either a creator or wants to be one. But, it’s a bit harsh to say that all those entertainment platforms are now getting spammed with tons of the same videos over and over, mostly the creators repeat the same song unless everyone starts copying their style. For the fact, TikTok and Instagram Reels are doing pretty much the same these days. YouTube recently has announced one of its new features called “YouTube Shorts”. Here, the creator who has a strong fanbase can make videos of 60 seconds to notify the fans about their routine, upcoming content, important announcements, or anything relevant.

YouTube said that anyone can make short videos, no matter if you’re popular on the platform or not. You still have a chance to show your talent to the public through this latest option which is quite good for a beginner. Here in the shorts, people can make dance videos, DIY,  share lifestyle tips, or do magic, whatever you’re comfortable with. There is no need to take any specific permission, just open the app and you’ll see the option to make short videos through your mobile application.

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube short is a video-sharing for everyone, where people can make videos of 60 seconds or less and share them with the public even without any strong fan base. You can perform DIY, trim dialogue, add effects, put countdown, or simple music overlays to entertain the public. It will not disappear or have any time limitations, it will be available to your as long as you want.

We are here to discuss five things to know about YouTube Shorts, if you’re planning to be a content creator then you should need to know all the features to be fluent with the application and its operations. Without wasting any more minutes, let’s take a look over the headlines.

How to Create YouTube Short Videos?

  • Open YouTube Application on your Smartphone.
  • Click on Create option, Select the Create a Short – Beta
  • Allow all the permissions, most probably they demand the Camera and Microphone access.
  • The recording section will be opened in front of you to start making your short videos.
  • You can increase the time length but tap on the 15 Second icon, it will be converted to 60 seconds.
  • All the options to add media, stickers, or polls are available on the screen. You can take all the benefits easily at your fingertips.
  • If you want to download youtube shorts then follow the link Youtube Shorts Download

Let’s take a look over the Five things you should know about YouTube Shorts.

Available for Everyone

You don’t have to be any professional YouTuber before using the feature, It’s available for everyone and every single person can start making shorts through the application. You must need to fulfill the criteria, as you can’t post copyright content, the video which you’re going to post must be yours.

Popular Music

If you’re into dancing or DIY stuff and feel hard to find background music for your videos. Here, The Shorts have the solution for you. You can pick music or beats from the YouTube Library, it has millions of songs in every possible language. You can make lip-sync videos or TikTok videos where you can perform dance moves or act as an actor according to the dialogues.

Grab Attention

If you already have a channel and want to announce something great to your viewers about upcoming events, or the release of new content, You can simply make a short video about it and post it on your channel. This way you can reach your audience faster and summarize them with the details in only a few seconds. Apart from this, The shorts also have the option to add a title and description. If you want to add something important along with the video you can easily mention all the possible information in the Description.


Ads Free

YouTube doesn’t monetize shorts videos for now, Which seems fair to us because who’s going to watch an advertisement in a video that isn’t even 60 seconds. You can surf as many shorts as you want and the platform won’t bother your experience at all. For the creators, It’s bad news that you can’t make money through the videos but you can still grab more audience from the shorts, as they see your shorts and some of them will surely bounce to your main Channel.

It’s Permanent

These shorts videos are as worthy as the other videos, unlike reels or stories, these videos won’t disappear after 24 hours. They’ll be safe on your channel and help you in engaging more audiences than ever. You can even start to brand new channels just for posting YouTube Short Videos there. You’ll see a watermark-type logo in the video thumbnail to check whether it’s an actual video or a short video if you ever get confused with the time duration. In most cases, no solid content video has a time span of fewer than 60 seconds.



Are YouTube Shorts and Stories are same?

No, They both are different from one another, don’t get confused between the two. YouTube Stories are valid for only 24 hours after the posting, whereas, Youtube Shorts are permanent and will be added to your Channels video section.

Can we make money through YouTube Shorts?

Still, there is no update regards the monetization from the officials. But, Many professionals are claiming that the monetization will begin soon for the Desktop Views and there will be no revenue for mobile visits.


So, This was all about Five things to know about YouTube Shorts and we hope you have learned something new from here. If you find our article helpful, don’t forget to drop a share with your buddies.


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